FAQs - Registry Search

Please Note: Forms and instructions noted below are in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF forms. If you don't already have this software, it can be downloaded for free from the .

Q:         How do I update or correct my organization's name?

A:         If your organization's name has changed and needs to be updated, you must submit with a copy of the amendment to your organization's certificate of incorporation or other organizing document that changes the name of your organization.

If your organization's name has not changed, but needs to be corrected (for example, the name is spelled incorrectly) please send an e-mail with the correct name to CharStat@ag.ny.gov.

Q:         How do I update or correct my organization's address?

A:         To update or correct your organization's address, please send an e-mail with the information to CharStat@ag.ny.gov.

Q:         How long does it take for information to be updated?

A:         The Charities Bureau Registry Search is updated daily.   Please note, however, documents may not be evaluated on the day it was received.

Q:         What forms and fees does an organization need to file each year?

A:          Registered organizations are required to submit an annual filing to the Charities Bureau every year. You must file (Annual Filing for Charitable Organizations). Depending on the organization's finances during the year, you may be required to submit a filing fee and attachments, such as an IRS Form 990, 990-PF or 990-EZ. To learn how to complete the and what fees and attachments are required, see the .

Q:         When are Annual Filings due?

A:          Filing due dates depend on an organization's registration type (see following question for more information on registration types). Article 7-A and Dual registrants are required to file within 4.5 months after the end of their fiscal year. EPTL registrants are required to file within 6 months after the end of their fiscal year.

Q:         What are the different Registration Types?

A:         There are two statutes that require registration of organizations:

Article 7-A: Article 7-A of the Executive Law (Article 7-A) requires registration of charitable and other nonprofit organizations that solicit contributions from New York State (including residents, foundations, corporations, government agencies and other entities).

EPTL: Section 8-1.4 of the Estates, Powers and Trusts Law (EPTL) requires registration of charitable organizations that are incorporated, are formed or otherwise conduct activity in New York State.

Based on these two registration statutes, there are three registration types for organizations registered with the Charities Bureau:

Article 7-A: Organizations registered pursuant to Article 7-A only and not registered under the EPTL.

EPTL: Organizations registered pursuant to the EPTL only and not registered under Article 7-A.

Dual: Organizations registered pursuant to both Article 7-A and the EPTL.

Q:         What organizations are exempt from registration with the Charities Bureau? How can my organization request an exemption?

A:         To learn about exemption from registration and how to claim it, please refer to:

of the , which includes a list of reasons why an organization may be exempt, and
• The ,which explains how to claim an exemption from registration.

Organizations that are exempt from registration under both Article 7-A and the EPTL are not required to submit annual filings to the Charities Bureau.

Q:         How do I find an organization's Registration Number?

A:         You can find an organization's Registration Number by looking up the organization in the . To find an organization, you can search by organization name, registration number or federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), or a combination of these search criteria. For additional search tips please see the following question.

Q:         Why can't I find an organization in the Registry?

A:         If you can't find an organization in the Registry, try searching again using the following tips:

Use one search criteria (name, NY Reg #, EIN) at a time, not two or three, as mismatches or errors in one criterion will prevent a match.

The name search takes the text, exactly as you enter it, and uses the search logic selected below the search field ("contains" or "begins with").

If no matches are found, your search term (the text you entered to search) does not match the name on file with the Charities Bureau.

Remember, some names were varied when entered to our registry, so broadening your search can be useful. For example, "The Joe E. Naumann III Foundation" could be registered under "Naumann, Joe E. Fdn". The best way to get matches in this case is to use a short but uncommon part of the name. Using the search term "foundation" would broaden the search term too much, but using "naumann" would be effective.

Here are some other suggestions:
- Vary the name, using official name and common aliases ("america's best charity inc", "abc inc")
- Vary commonly abbreviated words ("smith foundation", "smith fdn" and "smith found")
- Vary punctuation ("players, inc", "player's, inc", "players inc", "player's inc")
- Eliminate extraneous words ("smith foundation", not "the smith foundation")
- Check your spelling

If you still cannot find the organization in the Registry Search it is likely due to one of the following reasons:

Organization is Not Required to Register
In general, organizations that are exempt from registration need not claim an exemption with the Charities Bureau. As a result, many organizations that are legitimately exempt from registration do not appear in our database. (An organization that appear in our database as EXEMPT has been determined to be exempt from registration by the Charities Bureau after review of the organization's claim for exemption or its registration statement.)

For a complete list of registration exemptions, see of the and the .

Organization is Required to Register but Has Failed to Do So
Organizations that are not exempt from registration but that have not registered with the Charities Bureau do not appear in our database. Such organizations are in violation of New York law and may be subject to penalties.

For more information about registration requirements, see Part I (Who Must File a Registration Form (CHAR410 Series)) of the .

Q:         What is an NTEE code?

A:         National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes are used to classify non-profit organizations recognized as tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code. The NTEE code provides a standardized language for describing the vast range of non-profit organizations. They can be used to define and collect statistics, analyze trends and extract practical information for donors and grantmakers. Detailed information on NTEE codes is available on the website of the .